Palo Santo 100% soy wax candle

Palo Santo 100% soy wax candle

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Smooth, warm and cleansing, Palo Santo is known for cleansing negative thoughts and vibes while providing a fresh scent.

Scent Notes
Top: palo santo wood
Middle: amberwood
Base: soft musk

Total Burn Time is approximately 45-50 hours for our 8OZ candle, and 75-80 hours for our 16OZ candle.

About Ninth Line Candles
Clean Burning
No carcinogens, paraffins, parabens or phthalate

100% natural soy wax
100% naturally dyed mica powder for colouring when applicable. 

Hand poured in small batches in Abbotsford, BC and Cambridge, ON by a mother/daughter team.
Because your candle is hand made (and not made by a robot), you may notice slight imperfections such as: a slightly off centre label or the occasional colour difference in wax. None of these will effect the use or quality of the candle itself. Every scent/wax/wick/vessel combination is heavily tested before a final batch is poured, cured and shipped. 

Candle Care
Read the safety label on the bottom of your candle before burning
Trim your wick to ¼” before every burn
Let your first burn last at least 2-3 hours, or long enough to burn to the edges of the vessel.
Never leave or walk away from an actively burning candle
Burn candle only on a flat, fire resistant surface
Keep away from children, pets, and flammable objects
Use caution when handling glass
Stop burning when there is about ½” of wax remaining
Never burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time