Heirloom Indian Corn seeds - packet of 25+

Heirloom Indian Corn seeds - packet of 25+

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These BEAUTIFUL seeds were organically grown and harvested in my back yard in 2020 with original seeds purchased from Elmo Goboy "Elmo's All Natural Farm".

Some tips about growing Heirloom Indian Corn (sourced from www.littlehouseontheprairie.com): 

*Plant your seeds right after the last frost date in your area about 1″ to 2″ inches deep and 12″ apart from one another. Corn plants thrive in brilliant sunlight and moist soil and adore loamy, fertile (and I mean fertile) soil. Corn is one of the hungriest plants in the vegetable garden and absolutely loves nitrogen.

*You can plant them in rows or randomly in a garden bed, but you will want them to be planted in “blocks.” In other words, they need to hang out in groups so that they can pollinate each other. Your corn plants will need regular watering. Try not to let the soil dry out completely.

Also! Pick the cobs young if you plan to eat them (very nutritious!) and/or leave them on the stalk until their silk turns brown if you want to dry/preserve the gorgeous cobs for crafts, gifts, etc...